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At Ably Digital we have over 30 years of combined business experience and our team of experienced recruiters in IT share the same passion for technology.

I have Board responsibility in delivering the business strategy for the Ably Resources Group including Ably Digital and I am delighted that my job is made all the more easy by working with a fantastic team of committed recruitment professionals.

Recruitment has changed beyond belief in my 36 years in the market. When I started there was no fax, no email, no website and no Linkedin! Now we can communicate and deliver resource and opportunity on a global scale 24 hours a day. The Technology sector continues to evolve delivering new, exciting and challenging opportunities for anyone with an interest in the future.

When I do put my phone down I usually have a curling brush in my hand through the winter and a golf club in the summer! In my other hand a glass of wine!

I have over 6 years of industry experience working in the Scottish & UK Technology sector, placing outstandingly gifted professionals into some of the coolest businesses in the world.

I always aim to deliver a world-class service to everyone I work with, whether that be businesses looking to hire, professionals looking for a job or people I manage and coach at Ably Digital.

Away from work, you will likely find me at the gym, running a mountain or spending time with my 10-year-old boy (playing football, talking about football, doing football quizzes, yeah, he is obsessed!)

I have been working in Recruitment since 2017 and now heading up the International IT team here at Ably Digital.

With a proven record of success in the Cyber Security,Data, Digital & Cloud sectors, I am responsible for driving Ably Digital’s service offerings across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia

I believe in having a transparent and consultative approach, this adds value to clients and candidates.

Outside of Recruitment I enjoy holidays and travelling to new places, socialising with friends and attending Football matches.

I have over 6 years experience recruiting mostly within the software development space, mostly in Scotland. Having recruited broadly within tech before, I now focus mostly within the java development market.

Other than work, most of my time is spent with both of my 5 year old little girls, Muay Thai boxing and at the gym.

I am an experienced IT consultant specialising in finding top talent in the Digital Cloud and Security space in the Middle East and Asia.

One of the things I enjoy most about recruitment is finding a candidate a role that is truly right for them and seeing them thrive in their new position

Outside of work you can find me at the Cinema, playing music or socialising with friends.

Hello my name is Danielle.

I switched up my career to Recruitment over 5 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I work with the wonderfully talented people within the Tech Industry placing skilled candidates up and down the country.

I have a 4-year-old energetic little boy, most of my spare time is being out and about with him making memories. Obsessive over food so if you feed me, I will be your friend for life.

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