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At Ably Digital we have over 30 years of combined business experience and our team of experienced recruiters in IT share the same passion for technology.

I have Board responsibility in delivering the business strategy for the Ably Resources Group including Ably Digital and I am delighted that my job is made all the more easy by working with a fantastic team of committed recruitment professionals.

Recruitment has changed beyond belief in my 36 years in the market. When I started there was no fax, no email, no website and no Linkedin! Now we can communicate and deliver resource and opportunity on a global scale 24 hours a day. The Technology sector continues to evolve delivering new, exciting and challenging opportunities for anyone with an interest in the future.

When I do put my phone down I usually have a curling brush in my hand through the winter and a golf club in the summer! In my other hand a glass of wine!

I have been working in Recruitment since 2017 and now heading up the International IT team here at Ably Digital.

With a proven record of success in the Cyber Security,Data, Digital & Cloud sectors, I am responsible for driving Ably Digital’s service offerings across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia

I believe in having a transparent and consultative approach, this adds value to clients and candidates.

Outside of Recruitment I enjoy holidays and travelling to new places, socialising with friends and attending Football matches.

I fell into recruitment as many of us do, and instantly became hooked. Having had my little boy young I knew that I had to be successful and feel like I had purpose, and recruitment gave me exactly that.

I love working within Tech recruitment as you meet so many people from different walks of life but they all have the same goal. Technology is the future so in helping place talented people within this industry I am helping build the world my little boy will grow into.

Building relationships with professionals and business’s is the most important part of the job, you have to understand someone’s ‘Why’ in order to find them in the best possible job for them.

When I’m not working you’ll usually find me getting artsy, walking my dogs, or running riot at a soft play with my little boy.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our recruitment team.

If you are interested in a role within a rapidly growing section with Ably please send us your CV  info@ablydigital.com or use the contact page

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